Friday, 25 April 2008

No time for blogging at the moment, Lolly recovered well from her chest infection only for Dumpling to go down hard with it. His temp keeps rising, giving him calpol and nurofen alternately every two hours, he falls asleep anywhere, he even feel asleep getting dressed yesterday morning, I left him sat on the floor with the towel wrapped around him and a pile of clothes and came back to find him fast asleep!

I've also been crazy enough to stand as the Chair of Dumplings school PTA! Have no idea what I'm letting myself in for, they have assured me that's fine, its a group effort but they do need a name for the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer for legal reasons but that we will all muck in gets what needs done done. First thing I have to do is write a newsletter as I wasn't aware how much the PTA does and if I wasn't aware before now then most of the parents at school wont be!


MaryP said...

Poor Dumpling! Sleep is what he needs, obviously. I hope he recovers quickly -- and gets through that awful not-quite-well but not-quite-sick recovery stage FAST.

Good luck with the PTA!

Maria said...

Well, you are a great writer. Take it and do some good damage.

I do admit that I avoided the PTA volunteer book like the plague, though, although they somehow roped me in eventually.


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