Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I feel guilty as a blogger when I go to my favourite blogs and see my name in their blogrolls, its so heart warming to think that other people actually took the time to put me on that list and yet I hardly blog. So, I’m writing this in works as I feel under pressure to write in blogger, just knowing that publish button is there makes me panicky and rush through it, here I can relax a little, edit a bit and try and get something written down for you to read!

I’m feeling a bit disheartened at the moment, not with my life but with people I know, the man who ran my daughters trampolining club has just been found guilty of sexual abuse of young girls many years ago. He’s awaiting sentencing. I know more about the case (nothing to do with us or Lolly) than the papers say but better not say anything, I doubt they read this blog but I am in theory publishing to the whole world!

Also a friends teenage daughter has just been diagnosed with a common std, I feel sick firstly that she's been having sex, ok, she is old enough legally but I still think of her as a toddler, but also she will have to deal with it for the rest of her life, what on earth do you do in that situation, if I had an std I wouldn't feel comfortable telling a new partner so its just going to get passed on? I hope I never have to go through that myself or with Lolly (not much chance of that, I don't plan on letting her out of my sight till she's 25...)


Just glanced out of the window to see any egg laying on the lawn? On closer inspection it turns out that the chickens have figured out how to escape from their run! A little adjustment has been made, escapees have all been returned, eggs collected and all is well in my little chicken farm again! Don’t tell the fox but the other night I carefully padlocked the coop but didn’t actually have the overlapping part in place so it was unsecure the whole night, add that to the fact the I didn’t lock the back doors to the house properly and you’re lucky we’re here at all today!

Lolly is sick home from school with a chest infection, she has been complaining of feeling unwell for some time but I thought she was putting it on a bit. When her school rang twice in one day to say she was unwell I said I would take her to the doctors, “they will tell you you’re fine” I told her, umm, turns out she has a really bad infection, I should have brought her in earlier, she needs antibiotics and doctors ordered rest. Sorry Lolly, get well soon...

I love our dog and I would be the sort of woman who jumps in a swollen river or icy lake to save him, mainly because Lolly and Dumpling would be behind me screaming “ Mummy, save Nemo!” But I would ask anyone thinking about getting a puppy to think carefully, its like having a small furry toddler with attitude. He barks every time I get on the phone, either for attention or because he cant figure out who I’m talking to? I don't know but its so annoying to have to interrupt every phone call a few seconds in to go and throw him out the back door! And the dirt he brings in on his paws? don't get me started, every day I consider taking a photo of the pile of dirt I sweep into a pile and then vacuum up, its astounding just how much he brings in every single day! I used to sweep through and mop maybe twice a week, now its every morning and could really do with it in the evenings too. And Nemo has to wait outside until the floor is dry or any dirt on his feet mixes with the damp floor and makes even more paw prints! He knows the rules and 90% of the time is a great dog but he has defiant moments, you can tell its coming by his body language, he’ll jump up the sofa, you command him down, he actually watches you as you turn away to jump straight back up their again. The kids think its very funny when you can actually see the workings of his naughty mind but it makes me want to put him in time out!

Right I really have to get back to it, this house wont clean itself! I feel like I’m just doing enough of everything to get by and nothing fully, not just the house but my relationship with the kids, my family and friends, exercise, hobbies, just not enough time to everything to the standard I would like to and I again apologise for blogging coming somewhere at the bottom of the list, at least its before cleaning out the chinchilla cage...

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Maria said...

Absolutely. The puppy thing. I love Socks, our puppy, but I had NEVER raised a puppy before (the one we had before him was full grown and given to us to care for when his owner went into a retirement home) and it is HELL.

I don't think I would do it again. It took MONTHS and MONTHS to train Socks and now it is finally done and we are reaping the rewards, but he still does crazy things like roll in mud outside and then cannot figure out why I won't let him in and make him stand under the hose outside when it is cold out...

Hope Lolly feels better soon. I did the same thing with Liv not so long ago. I was SURE she was faking and told her so and then the school called me in after lunch to say that her temp was 102! I told her that this is what she gets for crying wolf so many times. But..yeah...I felt AWFUL. BAD MOTHER! That is exactly what I felt like....


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