Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Friday was supposed to have been a carefully scheduled day, I had jake in the morning, ben in the afternoon, run the cake sale at 2.45 and pick up a travel cot at 1.30, packing for the trip and making sure all the animals had people to pop in and feed them. What really happened was Jake cried and I couldnt put him down, when I went to pick up the cot from a freecycle advert the woman left her handbag and car keys on the doorstep and when she went inside the house to show Ben and I where the toilet was, someone stole her handbag. She then presumed it was me and left over 10 messages on my phone! To make matters worse, who ever did steal the handbag tried to use the cards at the shop round the corner from dumplingas school, her bank rang her! Then Ben was picked up by his mum and brother only to return within half an hour, their great grandma had collasped, could I look after the boys, feed them until their uncle could collect them? Umm, no I still have to pack, but yes of course I kept them. So I then had to shower and go to a birthday meal and pack at 6am the next morning, not my carefully planned out day!


Anonymous said...

yikes, sorry about your day, that is what i call overload !
im shaking my head, why in the world would she think you stole her bag ?!

Maria said...

The best laid plans...


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