Sunday, 28 September 2008

Still going like the clappers as my gran would say, trying to keep up with the many things I try and do, been gardening with my dad most evenings, trying to get it all done before the dark evenings come, although we cut back so many branches last night we have light in the evenings from the lamp post in the lane now!

(I just found £2 in my dressing gown pocket, can not think where it came from but very glad, things a little tight till Tuesday!)

Kids are currently doing their chores, tried not to get cross, just give them plenty of supervision and lead by example, its not like I'm sat on my ass eating bob-bons but I do point out to them as I go what I'm doing, the other day I wrote a list of everything I had done that day, surprised them and me!

Nemo is having his hair cut again next weekend, cant wait, he goes from scraggy, smelly dog to cute short haired puppy in a matter of hours, talking of hair cuts...

I had all my long hair cut off, sort of Katie Holmes layered bob! Would show you the pic if I could find my phone. I just snapped after many days of trying to dry it and it just looking a mess, long old hair that isn't the long soft swingy hair I had in my 20's, now it has a slight wave, is prone to dryness and just wont do what its told! so I told the girl above the shoulders, and layered through the ends as its so think and she did, very different, kids wernt sure at first but quickly got used to it, my dad didn't even notice!

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