Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Most of the time I just eat dinner as a way of justifying my desert, its nice and ok and stops me feeling hungry but I sometimes wish I could just take a pill that would have the same effect. I dont much like cooking, it can be fun when I'm in the food but doing it every day for the past 14 years has become a bore. My kids dont appreciate it, they would happily live on junk food and one or the other always claims "I dont like thatanymore"

But today I made a damn good spaghetti bolagnese with meatballs, I just had the bolognese and some potatoes as I cant eat pasta but the kids had the full works. And they didnt moan. And they ate it, and now they are stuffed and quiet and have sauce stained mouths! And I really enjoyed mine, made me realise how much I shovel food whilst on the pc with out even looking at my plate just trying to stop my tummy rumbling. Maybe I'll take a cooking course and learn some more and learn to enjoy food?

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Maria said...

You know, something similar happened recently to me. When it is just Liv and me, I generally make scrambled eggs or oatmeal, maybe a grilled cheese.

But, one day I decided to make spaghetti and meatballs and was happy with how delicious they were. I CAN cook when I set my mind to it.

Now, I just need someone to clean up the mess....


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