Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Anyone know why I keep signing into blogger but not staying signed in?


I'm sat here blogging just for a few minutes as I'm travelling by bus to the next town this morning and have just seen my elderly neighbour go past on her way to the same place. I can not spend a 30 minute bus ride with this woman, she is partially deaf and so shouts and will ask me personal questions the whole way and then possibly try and come shopping with me! As sweet and harmless as she is I can wait a few minutes and catch the next bus!


Lolly handed me a letter from school this morning about a visiting theatre group coming to the school to perform 'much ado about nothing'. The permission slip and money were supposed to be handed in by 9th Febuary and the play is tomorrow! Nothing like leaving it till the last minute Lolly!


Put my neck and shoulder out over the weekend, no fun, lots of painkillers and iritibility, nothing new there, bit better now but still throwing my typing off, correcting it every three of four words.


Chickens are well, must take and post photos, I let them all free range together for the first time, (4 exbatts who live together, 2 8 week old pullets and one new to us pekin bantam) after a few minutes of squabbling, they all got along pretty well, wouldnt put them all in a run together yet, each one isnt big enough anyway but nice to see them getting along, the pekin bantam still hangs about on the fringes and picks a fight some times, I think thats why she was given to us, not as social as they said she was!

Right, neighbour should have gone by now, I'm of to do the weekly shop! x

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Maria said...

I always end up having to sign in over and over again too. Sometimes it feels as if Blogger is some dotty old aunt who keeps forgetting my name!


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