Sunday, 3 February 2008

Meme time

Meme from terroni

Where is your cell phone? Probably in my coat pocket, I keep leaving it there and missing calls and texts.

Vehicle? Dont have one, do my feet count?

Hair? Blowed dried so well this morning then realised we are having gale force winds today!

Your favorite thing? Just one thing? Have loads, chocolate, long walks with the dog, my kids being nice to each other

Dream last night? was riding around town on a moterised bicycle with no brakes

Favorite drink? pineapple juice, cranberry juice and ginger beer all in together, try it its delicious

Room you are in? My dining room has a little nook that is my 'office', spend way to much time here on the pc

Your ex? It been years, have 3 ex's, one I hate, one I still love but am happy for his new life (and mine) and one that I have no idea what happened to him after we split?

You are? Tired in a good way, had a long walk with family and the dogs and a nice evening cooking and chatting with kids

What do you want to be in ten years? Umm, I dont know, pretty much same as now, with less back ache and less stress

Who did you hang out with today? My kids, my mum and sister

What you're not? Tidy

Muffins? i like making them but not eating them, Lolly doesn though

One of your wish list items? oooh just one, ok an AV sender so I could watch cable tv in bed

Where is the ____? Remote control, kids keep hiding it from each other so the other cant change the channel

The last thing you did? stole a spoonful of unset trifle from the fridge

What are you wearing? layers. its cold here

Your pet(s)? umm...four ex battery hens, two chicks, one lhasa puppy, 2 goldfish, one chinchilla, four rabbits and we are budgie sitting!

Your computer?

Your life? Good. needs more cash

Your mood? tired and content

Missing? summer evenings

What are you thinking about right now? my back hurts despite the painkillers

Your shoes? none, pink socks but i was wearing my wellies as usual

Your work? Three evening babysitting jobs booked this week, good money but boring being at someone elses house while their kids sleep, all you can do is watch tv

Your summer? planned and longed for

Your favorite color?
the bluey green I'm going to paint my carport doors this week

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Maria said...

Ah, my sore back says hello to yours....

And, god...summer evenings. When I was in the middle of them, I didn't feel thankful enough. Now, I would LOVE just not to shiver for awhile.


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