Saturday, 2 February 2008

I have to actually post to be a blogger? Oh, ok right then...

My mobile phone has developed a fault, the screen goes so dark you can just make out the screen and the only way to fix it is to take the whole thing apart, take out the battery and then put it back to together again, not something I want to do every time I want to make a call or read a text!

The wireless internet router has packed up, and the engineer told me I had my whole system set up wrong, I should have the router linked to the modem and then both pc's, mine and Lollys laptop running wirelessly, instead and my pc linked to the modem too and just Lollys wirelessly, this means I have to go and buy another adaptor, why cant things just work, bearing in mind the system ran perfectly well for almost a year and now decides it cant work that way anymore!


The roof started to leak in another place this week after we had the other bits fixed! Great, running water inside! Didnt help that we had a freak hail and thunderstorm, it terrified Dumpling, we dont often get thunder here and if we do its at night and he sleeps through it but this time it rumbled LOUD right over our heads and he panicked, took a lot of cuddles and soothing to explain its just electricity jumping from cloud to cloud, it is, right? Any way the landlord is coming over this morning to have a look, I've been tidying like crazy, he's a great bloke and doesnt mind how I keep the place but I have tenants guilt and feel like the house should look like a showhome even though we both now its a little rundown and has a scruffy farmhouse feel to it. Thats why I love living here, lots of reclaimed wood and odd nooks and crannys but it doesnt give itself to looking well kept!

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