Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Mmmm, mood is mainly content with flares of irritability. Its half term and I have very little money, kids are eating me out of house and home and bickering a lot, that is if they can find the energy to raise their heads from watching dvds. I keep draggin them out into the garden to help with the chickens and rabbits but they soon get cold or injure themselves doing things I said not to and retreat back under the duvet on the sofa. We've taken the dog out a few times, this morning we went to meet my friend and her twin two year old boys at the beach for a walk and trip to the park but a freezing fog surrounded the beach, her boys were cold and miserable, my feet started to go numb and Lolly really wasnt enjoying it so we lasted an hour and then scurried off home to get warm. Its been sunny but cold here, I know in places like Canada and Northern America its snowing and staying frozen but we are softies here and not used to cold weather, I dont think we even own clothes that would be suitable where Maria or Mary P live, Hello! Hope your toes are feeling better!

We now have seven chickens, four retired battery hens, 2 chicks that were not sure what they are and one darling pekin bantam, given to us yesterday. Imagine an old fashioned drawing of a little hen and thats what she looks like! Very twee, will post pics soon. The ex batts have grown many feathers back now, they looked awful before but are filling out nicely now, not many eggs but thats only an added bonus for me.

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Kalynne Pudner said...

Hey, Jenny! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I'm so gratified to know that kids leave their food wrappers lying around the UK also. Clearly, a universal childhood habit.

I'm so envious of your new chickens. My old blind rooster can't figure out where his harem has gone. (See my post called "De Animals" if you want the sorry details.)

Have a good night!


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