Friday, 29 February 2008

i have a friend coming for dinner tonight with her two girls, she's very houseproud so I've been tidying and cleaning like a mad woman, even the dog has been banished to the garden so he cant undo my handy-work with his dirty paws and he is banned forever from going in the lounge as I've just had the carpets shampoo-ed!


Rang one of my catalogues to enguire my I didnt get my free gift with my last order, (I only order when they send me an incentive!) Snotty woman on the phone said they didnt give free gifts when you order from the sale, that she would send the gift anyway but that I would know better in future! What a cheek!

On a similar theme, I bought Lolly a new phone for Christmas and they reduced it by £40 the following week, when I mentioned it to the shop staff they said not to worry, as I was a contract customer with them too I would receive the difference in the post as part of their price promise, many weeks went past, I asked in the shop again and they said hold tight, it will come, rang customer services who ummed and ahhed and said go back to the shop, eventually I was given a new number to ring who told me that the price promise does not apply at christmas. Why? Just so they can catch out everyone who buys a phone as a present? Anyway I kicked up a little and they offered to apply £20 credit to my contract account as a gesture of goodwill, not exactly what I was looking for but better than nothing.

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Maria said...

You have to be a squeaky wheel these days, huh? I hate it when they do the right thing and then act like they are doing you a big favor.


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