Sunday, 12 October 2008

dog pee-ed on my sofa.


Why would my dog who spent all evening with me in the garden and got a walk up the the chinese take away, pee on my sofa? All the cushions and cover are in the wash but the base unit smells of pee despite me scrubbing at it with carpet spray and antibacterial spray. Its an old sofa which I used to have sentimental feelings for but not now it smells of pee! So I may clean it up the best I can and give it away on freecycle and get another smaller one from freecycle.

We're giving a home to two more chickens and they are giving us the house and run, yay! Been moving things around the garden and rotating the runs, I'm an impatient gardener and want things to grow now, if I had the money I would buy ready grown turf and flowers, I get bored of parts of the garden looking a mess while I wait a season for them to recover from whatever the chickens/dog/cat/children did to them. I also need a weekly skip to take away the rubbish of leaves, apples and branches we have to keep cutting dwon, both compost bins are filled tho the brim, we have weekly bonfires and we still have so much to get rid of!

I found an egg behind the compost bins last night and knew by its size and shape that one of the silkie crosses had laid it months ago, curiousity got the better of me as I have never experienced a bad egg so I cracked it open into a compost bin, WWWWAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHH, the stink had all of us running from the garden, even the dog looked shocked and smells like that come from his nether regions all the time!


Maria said...

Eww...I grew up on a farm and a rotten egg has no match for pure horrid stench.

Vita said...

We had chickens when I was young, but never found a rotten egg. Enjoyed your description much more than we would have the real thing, I'm sure.


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