Friday, 31 October 2008

I'm writing this from under the table. Or at least I would be if the flippin router would work so I could take Lollys laptop off and hide somewhere from the kids rampaging around this house. The ethernet cable or its port keeps losing the connection, I've tried all the four cables I have so I guess its the port which means calling the cable company to try and get a new modem, hope to be online wirelessly by this time next year...

Today I have Dumpling (7) Ben (4) and Steven (7), foam discs are flying past my head as I speak, various things are being rammed under the microscope to be examined, the four year old is whining every 3 seconds because he only want to do what the older boys are doing. None of the hundreds of pounds of toys are of any interest, "let me see, let me see, let me see" is all I can hear. Lolly forgot to take the cat up with her last night, his litter tray and food are in her room, so he stayed downstairs and pooed on the lounge floor, no one noticed until Steven trod in it (that boy could find poo in a sterile room) then the smell made everyone gag and scream, mostly me as I scraped it off the carpet and work to work on the stain with some antibacterial wipes. Yuck, the smell is in my nostrils and I'm gagging like I'm 8 weeks pregnant (I'm not, dont even start) I just cant believe no one saw it until it was trodden on, every time I sent Steven home, I have to apologise for some kind of poo having been on him that day and been scrubbed off, he even managed to get it on him when we went to the park, a non dog park, a park that has a problem with drunk teenagers, a park that has be locked at tea time till morning because of said teenagers. I do not want to think what kind of poo it was, though you and I know...bleaugghhh. At every sink in this house is a variety of anti-bac cleansing wipes, gels, sprays, I hate poop yet find myself surrounded by dog, cat, chicken, rabbit and toddler poop, not to mention that visiting kids here seem to busy to flush. Ack.

Moving on, the chickens are barely laying, not surprising as they seem to have chosen this cold snap to moult, even the ones who should have started laying last week are just wandering around the garden, eating me out of house and home. To think there was a time when every family member, neighbour and visitor left with a box of eggs, now I dont even have two for breakfast!

The two under two on wednesday is going very well, I find little ones easier than older ones. I'm having a real issue with the older ones not respecting my things or the toys we have. Anyway, the littles one eat in high chairs so they cant wander around spreading crumbs and smears, they nap in travel cots and the sit snuggly in blankets in the pushchair and wave at passersby when we go out. I dont have to tell them to get down from the top of the play structures in the park, they are happy to toddle round in the leaves and the baby be pushed gently in the baby swings. They delight in the simplest things rather than demanding to know where the playstation is, we dont have one and its such fun to see the look of confusion on their faces when I tell them so and that we have no intention of ever getting one. I dont know why I enjoy it so much, maybe because the smaller they are the cuter they are and because I feel more in control of the situation.


QuJaBaKa said...

I totally understand the young child connection. I have the same thing, its almost as if they get to five and then suddenly they think they are invincible and their manners go out the window. I muchly prefer kids under 5. I hope you managed to find yourself a quiet poop free corner to hide in with a warm drink and a good book.
thinking of you in amongst the madness.K

Anonymous said...

i agree, the infant/toddler age is so much more enjoyable. the school aged children ive looked after have stood on furniture, run around slamming doors, ransacked the refrigerator, tormented the cats, destroyed property etc. are parents not teaching their children manners anymore ?


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