Wednesday, 8 October 2008

you know when you're having a great day, really productive and one person kills it with just a look? I've been workig at Dumplings school all morning, trying to get the school website working again and then working at the book fayre. I forgot to sign out and did remember till I got to the school gates so went back so as not to break fire regulations, no one was in the office to buzz me through so I tapped on the glass doors for one of the support workers to let me in, she did it with such arrogence and disgust, physically looking down through her glasses, I thanked her and explained that I just needed to sign at and she just glared at me. As I left I said goodbye and thanked her again for opening the door but she refused to even look at me, I dont know what I ever did to upset this woman, working in the school for the PTA is a weird thing, everyones nice but theres a sense of not quite belonging. I was working on the pc in the staff room after the IT guy had shown me a few things and set me up with my own user name, the staff started a conversation about a child and then quickly shut up when one pointed to me (I had my back to the room but screen are reflective...)I know they have confidential issues but I've taken on a position of responsibility and am crb checked, I'm not going to abuse my voluntary position. I guess like many other PTA members around the world I'm feeling undervalued for the work we do out of our own time, we have raised so much money and done so much for the school but I dont think many people realise, I guess the teachers feel the same way about their work and we have to com ei under that!

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Vita said...

I ran into a snobby woman at the market. I'd seen her at various markets several times, and she was not what one is used to seeing in this town. Once I was in her way, (narrow isles) and instead of waiting for me, she said "excuse me" in such a way, the clerk who was helping me and I were stunned. Haven't seen her in a couple years. She seemed very out of place. Those snobby people can't be happy, can they?

I wonder if you could have just called the office to ask them to sign you out. I volunteer in our school office and signed out a young fellow who called from outside.


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