Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I was in the school office today printing thankyou letters for the cake sale when the office staff started talkng loudly about how short they were for lunchtime supervisors and how you had to already be CRB checked and I realise by the eyes boring into the back of my head that the conversation is being directed at me.
"Umm, I cant help until after half term and I cant do wednesdays and I'd like to do casual cover, how much do you think you would need me roughly?"
"Everyday except Wednesdays?"
Great, not sure about the application form though, you have to give all medical details and with my back problems I'm not sure they will hire me and the flip side is that my doctor will say my back cant be that bad if I can work in the school? I'm sat here with one shoulder and the side of my back in spasm, its painful but I can move and with painkillers can smile too? What do I do, at 33 I dont want to be written off but at the same time I'm afraid of making my back worse?

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MaryP said...

How about you go back to the school and say your doctor suggests you try only one day a week to start. (No, I'm not suggesting you actually ask your doctor. I'm suggesting you, ahem, lie. My bad.)

That way, you can see if it's too difficult, you only have to do a day a week. If your back can handle it and you want to, you can take on more after a while. If it hurts and/or you hate it, you can plead your bad back and your doctor's orders.

What do you think of that as a plan?


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