Sunday, 21 October 2007


I know, my blogging has seriously lost its momentum, I wonder if anyone has done a study on the ebbs and flows of blog writing? Anyway, lots going on here, its not my place to discuss most of it on here, its happening to someone close to me, big changes are afoot, and its very upsetting for all involved, great I'm welling up again. Its ok, no ones ill or anything, just life stuff. Making me question this process of life though, when things you thought were forever and unbreakable are not and can turn sour right there in front of you, horrible process.

Also discovered a nasty side of blogging that I had no idea about, I'm damn not posting a link to any of it, I wont fuel any part of it, makes me feel sad and sick that people can be so cruel, is that the only way they can feel good about themselves?
My chickens are a few weeks off laying, cant wait, they are the funniest things to keep, so enthusiastic but not overly bright, makes for fun viewing as they comedy sketch around my garden


Kate Isis said...

I think that when your sick you just don't feel like blogging, you lose your momentum a little. Not to worry it'll come back.
The nasty side of blogging, I think everyone will come across it of they look hard enough. But on the whole bloggers are a decent community of people.
Feel better soon

Maria said...

Ah...feel better soon. And yes, the nasty side of the whole thing. I have a blog stalker, so can relate. Nothing like some sick fuck trying to mess with your head is there?

Hang in there.


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