Thursday, 11 October 2007

The Wonders of Little Boys

The hardest thing for little boys to do is to sit still.

It is absolutely impossible for a little boy to go up or down steps one at a time.

The last thing a little boys wants to do is go shopping, the next to last thing a little boy wants to do is try on new clothes.

Little boys won't tell you what they like to wear, your only clues are what wears out fast and what never gets worn.

Little boys wont tell you when something is bothering them but they stay close by when something is bothering you.

Little boys like sleeping bags better than beds, they would rather live in a tent than a house-but they will want a ride in the car to visit the kid next door.

Little boys do not sit in chairs-they ride them.

After a little boy has to clean up his room he will stay away from it as long as possible because it isn't comfortable.

Little boys keep their friends for a long time-even the ones they fight with.

Little boys can think of so many things that are more important to do than homework.

Little boys think the best thing about money is the noise it makes in their pockets.

It takes a long time for a little boy to get angry and only a few seconds for him to get over it.

There is no one as lonely as a little boy whose best friend has just moved away.

Little boys have to know how things work-and the only way to find out is to take them apart.

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Maria said...

And you really, really love your little boy...

It is written all over this post.


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