Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Dumpling and I are at home with sore throats, temps and that general sicky, head-achey feeling, he has calpol but I've run out of grown up medicine. Have to go food shopping, will get some then.


Was Dumplings 6th birthday on Monday, he didnt want a big party, he doesnt like them, too much going on and he ends up hiding and crying so he had his best friend Lewis round for tea, 2 of them was enough believe me! I chose most of the presents that people gave (they did ask, I was being total control freak) so I was really pleased, I asked not to get him any more smaller gimmicky things, we have hundreds of toy cars and I reallt cant take any more, I rolled over in bed in the middle of the night and found one! So he got a great projecter that has 105 images to choose from, it projects onto a little desk and you draw the image and then illustrate it, Dumpling adores this as he's a great artist but gets frustrated when he knows what he wants to draw but cant get it right, this way he gets the basic shape and then he fills in the detail. He also got a great sit on tv-games console thing, 30 games in one thing and you can sit on like a little car (might be easier if i take photos as my explaining is making no sense to me let alone you!)


I'll come back later, I feel really sick and dizzy x

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