Monday, 22 October 2007

Still tired, sicky feeling and dizzy feelings have gone, gave the kids a verbal beating this morning, they have slipped back into the passive aggressive stuff again, like saying yes to something I ask them to do then slipping away and not doing it, once again I find myself yelling at the top of my voice "If you put as much effort into doing it as you do avoiding it..." When I'm angry and am barking orders, stuff gets done, kids are polite to me and each other and they behave in the way I want but as soon as I stop the boot camp routine, their standards slip instantly, so I have to be upset, have a sore throat and a pounding head from the stress of picking up their bloody mess, tripping over their shoes, finding unflushed toilets, not being able to get in the bath before cleaning the blackness out of it, finding plates left all over the worktop BESIDE the dishwasher, the magic cupboard that does it for you for christs sake, I made Lolly wash everything up by hand this morning including what was already in the dishwasher because even after I had told them both off for dumping plates, she did it again. They both seem to find satisfaction in getting away with doing as little as possible rather than feel proud of a good job.

Rant over. arggghhhhh! ok, over.


Maria said...

Kids. Yeah. I have a rant or two left in me. Liv, who begged and begged for a puppy and swore upside down and sideways that it would be HER responsibility is now dragging her toes....

I've actually threatened to send him back to the puppy farm where he was raised. Yes, that is my mother's bitchy voice pouring out of me....

Chin up. They cute up again.

Kate said...

Heya, sorry I have been a bit slack, my bloglines is telling me how many I have missed and its not a good number. I absolutely understand the "I have to scream to get their attention" syndrome, I hate it but things get done. Am currently trying to work out how I got from asking nicely and having it done to having to repeat myself 20 times. Rant away, at least it relieves some of the stress.


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