Friday, 12 October 2007


I'm wincing as the window men take out the old wooden frame windows and replace them with UPVC, theres so much crap and dust coming down I can hear it from downstairs and taste dust in the air. They did another two windows here yesterday and it took me hours to vacuum and mop everywhere, all clothes that are hung on the airer or in the laundry room will have to be washed again. I cleared as much as I could out of their way but ran out of space. Its going to take a long time to clear up after this and you know how much I love housework...


Kate said...

Hi, Jemima-

I'm linking through from our mutual friend, Maria. I can symathize with your dust. The whole downstairs of our house is stipped to bare concrete, waiting for new flooring, and the contents of the rooms are piled on and around the deep-freeze.

Maria said...

I detest housework too.

If there was any way in hell that I could afford a maid service, I would be all over that.

In fact, it is on my list of what-to-get-me-for-my-birthday/christmas.

1) A one time maid cleaning service.
2) A gift certificate to Borders.
3) A gift certificate to Starbucks.
4) A massage. ANY massage, a face one a foot one, a whole body one....


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