Sunday, 13 January 2008


I'm at screaming point with Lolly, the teenage laziness has gone beyond a point at which I can cope. I have to lose my temper to get her out of bed on a weekend or holiday morning, then I have to scream and yell to get her moving fast enough to shower and get dressed as she takes so long to do her hair and make up, we cant go out for the day because its gone lunchtime before she can be ready. If you ask her to take the rubbish out, she leaves it in the carport even theough the bins are only a few feet in front of that. 95% of her behaviour is fine its the 5% every day, over and over again that leaves me sat here crying with frustration, plates not in the dishwasher, laundry not taken to the laundry room. It doesnt sound like much but its become my entire existence to get her to feed her rabbits. The constant passive aggression is just a habit to her now, she doesnt even seem aware of how angry and upset I am. If I hear 'I forgot' 'I'm sorry' or 'In a minute' one more time. The other day I was telling her off for leaving crisp packets in shoes and boots in the hallway, (yeh, I dont know why she does it either) I told her so go and sort it out and she didnt even know what I was talking about, she wasnt listening the whole time. She is unaware of where we keep things in this house that have been kept in the same spot for over three years, the mop bucket has lived in the same corner of the kitchen since the day we moved in and when I told her to empty it and put it back she didnt know where. Nothing she is doing is that bad, its just the frustration of living ground hog day.


Kate said...

No im not criticising but I did notice something you said, her attitude has become habit to her.
Maybe your reaction has become habit to, so she doesn't hear you. Change your tactics see what happens. although I ain't the person to really be offering parenting advice when I have a six year old who is doing the same thing!!
Hope it works out ok.

Gypsy said...

I just popped over to say thanks for visiting my blog. Oh yes, groundhog day. Sometimes I just feel like tape recording my responses to save myself from repeating myself. It is SOOOOOO frustrating. I feel your pain believe me.

MaryP said...

Emma actually *likes* keeping her room clean. She's not 100% consistent, but when it gets messy, it bugs her and she deals with it. Wonder how I can get her to rub off on the other two??

My oldest is tidy now -- now that she has her own apartment.

Adam (he's 18) is responsible to take the garbage and recycle bins out each week. He has to be reminded every. single. week. And then reminded again to bring the empties back.

It drives me MENTAL. He's in and out of the house those evenings: he passes all the bins out at all our neighbours' homes, and still cannot remember to take ours to the curb.

He's too big to shake, so I resort to gnashing my teeth. Can't say it's very effective...


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