Friday, 11 January 2008


It's a rainy, rainy day. Dumpling and I are home with a mild tummy bug, lots of cramping and rushing to the loo but not so ill that we cant enjoy a day in our pyjamas watching cartoons (and casino royale, bought it on dvd in the sale, daniel craig, swooooon!)

The chicks are growing well, turns out one might be a cross breed, has a complete mixture of features. The eggs in the incubator dont seem to be doing so well, after candling them (shining a bright light through) all the silkie eggs appear to be infertile. Really annoyed and the woman who sold them to me has given me a third of the money back, would rather have had more eggs but I cant introduce another batch to the incubator at this stage.

The exbattery hens are doing well, I might post a picture of the state they arrived in, might make a few people decide to go free range, skinny little barely feathered things, horrible, but they will put on weight and grow new feathers and live out their days in my garden. Still laying eggs, I keep putting them in my pocket when I go out to attend to them and forgeting about them, havnt broken one yet! I've covered their run in a plastic cover that was supposed to be for my garden furniture, with a few inches open at the bottom for air to circulate. The garden is a mud bath with all this rain, not sure they are convinced that this is a better life, at least they were warm before!


My front door key broke off in the lock last night, luckily I was able to pull the broken piece out and Lolly was inside to let me in! I've had to take her keys now so have to be home at 4pm to let her in, must get a new one cut!

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