Friday, 11 January 2008

I'm so tired this afternoon, looking after dumpling in the night has caught up with me and I need to snooze, babysitting for an hour this afternoon, as soon as he goes home, its cushions and blankie on the sofa time!


Been enjoying sites and blogs about frugal living recently, I'm not a complete convert by any means and don't expect anyone to change their ways unless they want too but was thinking about ways I save money and help the environment and wondered if anyone had any more good ideas?

1) I don't drive a car, I walk or take the bus
2) I have a tumble drier but only use to it fluff clothes after they have hung on the plastic airer for 24 hours
3) I keep chickens for eggs and buy free range if they are not laying
4) I recycle plastic in the blue bins we have, collected twice a month
5) I belong to freecycle
6) I compost
7) I dilute washing up liquid and bath cleaner to make it weaker, (stings my eyes and the smell is too strong) and to go further
8) I don't print photos unless necessary, I email, or burn a lot to CD

I thought of loads more as I was falling asleep last night, will blog them as I remember!

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