Monday, 21 January 2008

Losing my mind

Dumpling found an open padlock with no key so I told in no uncertain terms to put it back on the shelf and not lock it to just know a six year old couldnt resist locking it to something? Yes, my toolbox, padlocked shut. Luckily it was a (very) cheap padlock and opened with a similar key, he's still in big trouble for doing it though!


nearly blew my top this morning trying to use the cashpoint (ATM to my USA or Cananada readers) It allows you to top up an pay-as-u-go phone with the money in that account. You type the mobile number in, trouble is I dont know the number off by heart so I'm going slowly, if you make a mistake you have to start again and to make it completely mind numbingly stupid, if you take more than a few seconds to type in the number it wipes the screen and asks you if you would like more time to complete your transaction, so you click yes and start typing the number in again only for a few seconds later it asks you again, yes, I want enough time as it takes to type in this bloody number with the machine deleting it, arrrrggghhhhh!

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MaryP said...

Bwah-ha. So, have you thrown that padlock out yet, then?

We don't call them ATMs here, though I gather they do in the states. Generally, they're just "bank machines".

Sometimes the free-standing ones in corner stores (that you pay a dollar or more surcharge for the convenience of using)are called ATMs -- it's a brand name, I think.


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