Friday, 25 January 2008

My hormones must be going crazy because I'm really broody at the moment! I have no idea why but I keep looking at pictures of pregnant women in magazines and feeling a deep longing to be expecting a tiny bundle of joy! I blame the mums at dumplings school who have had babies and are making it look easy, trendy, well off mums who have slipped back into their jeans and drop their older kids off in the mornings looking fully made up and their babies in cute little outfits, when I had dumpling, my neighbour took Lolly to school each morning for the first few months! Maybe its because none of my eggs in the incubator are showing any signs of hatching, so disappointed, little fluffy things may have fulfilled my maternal instinct for a few days! Not that theres any danger of me getting pregnant, missing one vital ingredient for that and its been so long without it that the whole idea seems kind of icky now, wonder if you can order sperm off ebay yet?


Chart Smart said...

NICE Blog :)

Maria said...

Every once in awhile, I toy with the idea that I'd like to see Liv have a little brother and/or sister.

But, being 49, the prospects are not good. It was a freakin miracle when I was 41.....


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