Friday, 18 January 2008

Fighting the January blues, if we could just have some sunshine rather than endless rain, I might feel a little better. Letting Nemo in the garden for toilet time just means the floor will need to be cleaned again...Its so soul destroying to repeat every thing of housework several times a day. If some one asked me whether they thought it was a good idea to get a dog, I wouldnt talk to them about vets bills or finding kennels when you go away, it would be 'do you want to wash your floor several times a day for ever?' He also has a habit of barking at the bark door as soon as dusk fall, scaring away the imaginary monsters that must roam our garden at night. Its like water torture, you await the next bark, every 8-10 seconds, i know this because he did it for 5 hours the other night. The only way I can stop him is to attach his lead to his collar and then he just sits or lays by me, I guess I'm in control and he doesnt feel the need to protect me?


I thought my fridge freezer has packed in this morning, the light in the fridge has stopped working and the whole thing was silent, but then the whirring started again and the miolk got colder? I dont know but I really hope I dont have to pay out for a new one, we really cant afford it.

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Maria said...

To be totally honest, if someone were to let me go back six months ago and decide whether or not to get a dog, knowing what I know now...

I wouldn't get one. As much as I love Socks, it is just too much work. And Liv and Bing are so little help after so many promises to the contrary.


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