Friday, 30 March 2007

From my hips up I am a lovely light brown, my eyes look bright, my teeth look whiter and I appear to have lost 10 pounds, but my legs..arrgghhh, thank goodness its not summer yet, even after careful exfoliation, moisturising, they look like I let J paint me with a large paintbrush and brown powder paint! There are whole areas missing, its like someone sneaked in and wiped off random areas! So they are on a strict scrub and heavy moisturising plan for a week then will try again, maybe I could just wear long white trousers all summer?

J was awake at 1am with a 102 temp again, have to ring the doctor in 5 minutes for his opinion, am concerned that the antibiotics don't seem to be working or the infection is too big for it too handle and that unless J is taking nurofen and paracetamol every four hours then is temp is that high and he skin feels like its burning. Four days of living on kiddy meds and weak juice and antibiotics cant be good?


Redneck Mommy said...

I hope J feels better soon. Having a sick kids always sucks.

Now, honey, of course I'd pick you. But I need your email addy which isn't showing up.

If you don't have mine, it's in my profile.

Get 'er done so I can send you my dazzling questions.

Maria said...

I always wondered if those self tanning things worked. I am a very, very white girl. I am so white that if I spend even ten minutes in the sun, I burn like bacon. I swear you can hear me sizzling.

And yeah...sick kids...ew.


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