Saturday, 31 March 2007

Redneck Mommy's Questions!

Redneck mommy kindly 'tagged'(is that right, don't know all the vocab for blogging yet, suffice to say, she asked for someone to answer some cool questions and I begged to be picked!) Great questions, really made me think and that doesn't happen often!

If you could only listen to one musician for the rest
of your life, who would you choose?

Mmmm, oh this is so hard but I'll go with what first sprang to mind and that's Joan Armatrading, I can listen to 'Love and Affection' till the kids beg me to turn it off, when she sings it reminds me of past loves and really pulls at my emotions. I first heard her on on a late night radio concert, didn't know who I was listening too so stayed up late into the night to hear the end of the concert to find out the artist and have been hooked ever since. I actually don't listen to her that much, I sort of save her for a special treat or (cough) occasion if you get my drift...
If you could go ANYWHERE right this second, where
would you go?

The moon, sounds silly I know but I would love to look at the Earth from somewhere not on the Earth!

You meet God in an elevator. What is the one question
you would ask him?

Now this is difficult, as my upbringing religion wise is weird, half my family are good honest folk, never had so much as a parking ticket, drink a small sherry at Christmas and generally do as they would be done by but don't belong to any local church or religious establishment, the other half are Witness's which means they go to 3 meetings a week and 'door knock' every Saturday. And I'm somewhere stuck in the middle, I'm not a witness and only attend the yearly event 'The Memorial' to please my dad but I don't disagree with what they have to say. So if I met God I'd ask him simply 'Why?' if he has the almighty power to change everything and he will one day, why not now, why let us destroy our planet and each other, why not prove your existence and sort us all out?

A magical fairy swoops down and turns you into a guy
for one day. What are you going to do in that day?

This one makes me laugh, I have no idea as I've never thought about it, even as a five year old I told my mum that I was glad I wasn't born a boy, simply because I thought girls had so much of a better choice in shoes! I guess I'd like to experience an orgasm as a bloke (with a woman, not much point on your own!) but I might need more than a day!

Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?

Lol, I don't eat spaghetti, pasta makes me bloaty and windy! C, at the age of 6, swirled a huge spoonful put it in her mouth and swallowed with out chewing, she started to choke, half the ends came out of her mouth so I just grabbed them and pulled and hey presto, all the spaghetti came out!


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