Friday, 23 March 2007

Hints and Tips

no, not the housework variety, dont care much for it, those who have visited will nod their heads and make mmm-mm noises whilst raising their eyebrows! What I need to know is how to make this blog better, banner across the top maybe? I can do lots of digital picture things so could design something but have not a clue on how to get it on my blog? and how to I list my fave blogs, they are the ones that inspired me to start this so deserve big recognition! Any suggesttions gratefully received! xxx


Redneck Mommy said...

Welcome Jemima! I love reading somebodies blog when it's in it's infancy stages. It's fun to watch them grow. Just like watching my kids.

Alright, I don't really watch my kids. I just yell at them to keep the noise down and get their asses outside so I can blog, but you get the idea!

There are some great free templates (or skins) out there available for bloggers to use if you are looking for a different look.

When you are in your dashboard, click on the help button. There are a ton of links that should be able to teach you what you want to know. That is how I learned.

I eventually paid money for a site design cuz I'm fabulously lazy and didn't want to be bothered doing it myself. But if you can figure it out I will bow down to you!

Good luck, welcome and I look forward to following your journey!

Maria said...

Good luck...but I am the village idiot in the blogging community. Just wanted to say hello...I remember when I just started and the only way to really get in with others is to jump in with both feet...

Nice to meet you....

Anne Glamore said...

I love the beautiful pic of you and your children. I wouldn't worry so much about a fancier banner til you feel comfy about the writing aspect-- how often, what about, etc. I jot down notes as thoughts occur to me.

I think people come for the content, not the look.

I remember starting mine 2 years ago and getting a comment here, a comment there, and then they began to grow. It was very fun and I still enjoy it a lot.

f you plan to remain anonymous around town, I'm sure people would be interested in stories about what happens with the children that are not your that you care for-- I'm sure there are adventures there. That's just one thought.

Good luck!!

Also, I just google things I want to learn how to do and usually can find the answer.


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