Friday, 23 March 2007

Jemimas new rambling blog!

Mmmm, the media student is me says I should know who I'm aiming this blog at, I'm really not sure, if I let everyone I know read it then I cant say anything but good about them, I guess I'm writing a blog as some sort of therapy, not that I really need it (no comments on that idea thankyou!) but just to get the thoughts that go round and round my head some days out on paper? I know its not paper but the tech equivilent, does anyone else find that writing something by hand feels strange these days? I'm rambling again, the title says it all!

I had all these ideas for things to say on my blog and cant think of a damn thing, bloggers-block on the first day, its not going so well!

I suppose I need to intrduce myself, takes me back to those days at college when we had to do an excersise where we told the other person all about us and they had to introduce us, it brought out the control freak in me, I'd correct them all the way through, no point telling the class about me if you cant get it right! Well, I'm 32 years old, I have two children and look after other peoples, people say I must have so much patience to look after others but stranglely I find it so much easier, I dont take it personally when they strop in the middle of the pavement/supermarket/anywhere they choose as I didnt give birth to them! When my own children play up I have to curb the desire to yell "I gave birth to you, you owe me to behave!"
I live on the south coast of England, smack bang between two medium size holiday towns, it always amazes me that people holiday here, I think its smelly, crowded in the summer but I once travelled 'up north' and discovered a new love of my surroundings in comparison!
I'm a great love of blogs, it all started with Catherine Newmans blog on parent center and has grown from there, I realy shouldnt get such a kick of clicking onto someones blog and seeing its been updated, i realy do need to get out more but thats not going to happen now I have my own blog!

Ok, I feel the need to reach out and start some communication and while I dont ever want this blog to be a mummy-bashing forum, I keep seeing things that other parents do which makes me clench my teeth and wish they wouldnt do that, the following was witnessed at my sons school this morning - a mum holding her sons chin in one hold, tilting his head back and clearing out dry bogies (slight heaving from me here, can deal with my own childrens snot and the ones I'm paid too but other peoples kids-eurgghhhh, and have they not heard of tissue? This woman could have used a spoon the way she was in there!) What do you see other mums do thats not realy wrong but you just wish you didnt have to see it?

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L. said...

Hello and Welcome to the Blogosphere! You've got your comments set not to allow anonymous comments, so it'll say I'm "L", even though this is Mary. (This is because I have a WordPress blog, not a Blogger one.)

What bugs me, even though it's not wrong? When one of the parents comes at the end of the day to collect her little son, let's call him David, he bounces towards her, calling "mummymummymummymummy" with his arms up. Very sweet. Enough to warm any parent's heart.

She always greets him the same way, and it drives me NUTS. She reaches for him, smiles, and then says, in tones of great affection (so far so good, I know, but wait for it),

"David! Why are you so David-like?"


Um... he is David, after all. How else is he supposed to be? Is there something wrong with being "David-like"?

Stupidest thing I've ever heard, and I hear it Every.Single.Day.



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