Thursday, 21 June 2007

Been so busy, haven't had time to write any decent posts so lets catch up newsflash style!

I have a very sore throat, it itches and feels like I have something stuck in it.

My washing machine has broken down. My dad came to check if it was the brushes that had worn away and forgot to turn it off at the mains. He got an electric shock but is fine. It blew the fuse box and took me half an hour to reset the pc's.

Its Lollys 13th birthday next week. I feel old.

Dumplings nanna (nana bettys daughter) rang to ask that I don't wear jeans to the funeral. Did she really think I was going to? I was the smartest person at dumplings grandpas funeral, just because I wear jeans in the day with the kids does not mean I would be so disrespectful as to wear them to a funeral. I'll put it down to grief and move on.

Dumplings school was given six eggs to hatch and now they have six little chicks. Knowing I'm a soft touch and take in animals they asked me if I wanted them! Rabbits are one thing but chickens! I don't know the first thing about keeping chickens, don't have a chicken pen or run and am sure the foxes would have them on the first night!

I took another long bus ride and walked for miles along some of the most beautiful coastline, blew the cobwebs away and was really enjoyable, caught some sun on my face which was protected by the spf in my face cream and makeup but my chest looks like its been blow torched. I have a wedding to attend in August and would like my tan to be vaguely equal when I wear a dress!

Will have the pleasure of seeing Jon tomorrow night for the first time since we 'didnt' break up??? Am going to a goodbye party for Leighannes lodger and he will be there, going to look damn good and smile like crazy!


Terroni said...

Apple cider vinegar helps with sun burns. Rub it on with a cotton ball, and don't get it too close to your eyes.

You'll smell like a salad for awhile, but it will take some of the red away and make your skin feel less, well...burnt.

Maria said...

I'm with Terroni. It works.

Ah. So sorry about your washer. And for the record, I HATE appliances. I swear they all come to life when we leave the room and say snipey things about us.

Glad the walk took the cobwebs away. I should probably do that. I'm fighting with Bing and Liv is bugging me by acting like a little mercenary about some stupid toys called "Littlest Pets." I hate those things with a passion. They all come with miniscule dog brushes and bowls, etc. And of course, she never picks them up properly, so I am always stepping barefoot on them....



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