Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Feeling more myself now, realised that my blues coincided with me running out of codliver oil/omega 3 tablets, have always thought they make me feel better brain wise, didn't bother to get any more till I next went food shopping, now I have them, normality has returned! Googled 'omega 3 + depression' this morning and guess what, I was right! Will keep stocked up and will also get some more B vitamin complex as recommended by Melanie.


I visited the friend who drives me crazy last week, I give up, unless I have to I'm going to avoid meeting up, I cant bear the constant questioning and implied criticism about my life from someone who wont strap their baby into the highchair or pushchair because 'she doesn't like it'.


My neighbour in the annexe asked if he paid half my broadband for the next six months in advance could he have the password to the wireless? Sure I said and let him have access, thanks he said and shut the door. Umm, the money? I'm too polite and afraid of conflict to remind him. I'll give him a few more days and mention it.


Dumplings grandmother is in a coma. I don't think the doctors give any hope of her coming out of it. I've only met her 3 or 4 times, we didn't speak on the phone because she couldn't hear me. I sent her photos of Dumpling every month but wish I had sent more. I think I feel more sad for other people, cant figure out how I feel myself.


I'm looking for part time work as baby Toms mum is taking extended maternity leave and doesn't need me for a while. I'm seriously missing the money, had to borrow some money off my credit card which is something I rarely do just to get through the week. I'm a qualified beauty therapist and even have a couch wrapped in plastic in the garden but I'm undecided as to whether to try to work from home again. My back may play up and the last time I put a pretty advert out there I had nothing but inappropriate calls of an entirely different nature, could have cleared my overdraft in an afternoon but that's really not my thing!!!


MaryP said...

The "friend" sounds pretty toxic to me. I think you've made a good decision.

As to the neighbour who hasn't paid up. If he doesn't with a polite reminder, I'd just change my password. If he has the nerve to come asking after it again, request payment up front!

Maria said...

Yup. Change the password and I bet he will remember to pay you the next time.

And, wow...I hate that feeling of having to rob Peter to pay Paul. And I have a bad back too, so I sometimes wonder if I will ever be able to work full time again. Luckily, my profession is a sit-down one in general, but I have been lucky that Bing's job let me go down to part time to be with Liv. Life can get worrisome...

I didn't know you were a beauty therapist!!!


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