Wednesday, 13 June 2007


Google analytics tells me I have had
163 visits from 69 cities
so why do only 3 or 4 people ever comment...?
Please tell me if you stop by.....please?


MaryP said...

You're making the same mistake I made at the beginning. Sadly, most of those people aren't lurkers. They're just hitting Blogger's "Next Blog" button. Random strangers in the night.

Terroni said...

Sing with me, "Strangers in the night, exchanging glances..."

(This comment is only going to make sense if if lands right behind maryp's)

Anonymous said...

I admit, I've come by now and then since I'cve met you and haven't commented. My blog visiting circle is just about as big as I can make time for.

There's a few that I comment on almost everyday, because I feel really connected to them, but I can't do it with everyone I like.


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