Monday, 11 June 2007

Post 101 !

Didnt even notice it was my 100th post yesterday!

Feeling better in my head today, think yesterday was that hangover feeling I sometimes get after a migraine, takes me till its over to realise what it was.

Its hot and humid here today, was cloudy this morning so dressed for it and now have stripped off, think your self lucky this isnt on a webcam!

Am waiting to hear news of Dumplings great grandmother on his paternal side, she's 95 and has had a stroke. I know at 95 that the news might not be good but a small part of me holds out hope. She's such an amazing woman, even though Dumpling has only met her a few times as she lives so many 100's of miles away, I feel its a part of his life that he will miss.

My tummy is playing up with the pain medication and the other medication to undo its effects on my digestive system! Its all or nothing around here and lets just say I dare not pass wind!


Kate said...

Perk up buddy, maybe you are having sympathetic morning sickness for me?? (I can only hope!). One of the joys of being a "sanguine" personality and enjoying the limelight is that sooner or later you have to crash and when it happens we tend to do it spectacularly. Be nice to yourself, you aren't wonder woman, you are doing a great job and all kids eventually have to start disliking each other, you have no say in it so don't do your own head in about it. Migraines are a pain in the ass and the horrible funk that precedes and follows is the worst feeling. Get yourself a coffee and go lock the bathroom door with yourself on the inside and read a book without opening the door until you are ready. Oh you might want to take a cushion so you are comfy though!

Maria said...

Glad you are feeling better. Migraines are hard. Hang in there and try to stay out of the mugginess, that will help.


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