Thursday, 14 June 2007

Wednesdays are Dumplings exercise days, football club followed by swimming lessons, he sleeps like a dream Wednesday nights, He actually doesn't even move position in his little red bed. These new football classes are good for him to learn something about football so he doesn't feel left out as he gets older as Lolly and I are not even aware of football, its amazing that something that is big in this part of the world can completely pass us by. They are good for him to learn to deal with failure, he was so spoilt growing up with much older children around him who thought it was cute to let him win everything.

The last part of the lesson involves the boys splitting into two teams and them each being numbered 1-5, when the coach shouts a number the two corresponding boys have to run and tackle each other for the ball and try and score. Dumpling and Louie are pretty evenly matched so round and round they went trying to get control of the ball, nearer and nearer to the wall (sports hall, rather than field) until they were both so concentrating on their feet that they hit the wall, Dumplings head bounced off the wall, into the side of Louie's head and I think back off the wall again. 5 secs passed, frozen in time as Dumpling registered the pain and began to howl. I ran down the steps 3 at a time from the balcony to be met at the door by the coach and red faced, sobbing Dumpling. The coach told me I could get an ice pack from the bar on the first floor, so with no thought for my back, I picked Dumpling up and ran up the stairs. His howling was so loud the ice pack wrapped in paper towels was waiting for me at the bar. "It hurts!!!!" Dumpling sobbed, the hospital is only a short walk from the sports centre and I considered taking him there but as he hadn't lost consciousness, been sick or have an open wound I didn't think they would do much. He eventually stopped crying after asking me many times whether it was bleeding,'"no of course not" I replied, ''you would see blood if it was, wouldn't you?" "But it feels like bleeding? "Then suddenly his face look horrified, "What if I banged my brain and I cant remember things?!" I tried not too smirk, my son watches too much tv "Oh no" he said "I think I'm forgetting things" I assured him that he was not suffering from amnesia and how about we go to the library for half an hour to sit quietly and read a story and if he felt ok then he could still go to his swimming lesson. After 20 minutes of playing with a stack of cushions that were supposed to be little seats but made great building blocks I declared his brain free of damage and a swim would be fine. I warned his teacher who looked at me like I crazy, "He banged his head playing football? Don't they do that every week?" She didn't see any reason why he shouldn't swim so off he went, I don't think he even remembered the bump to the head by the end of the lesson but then that could just be the amnesia.....

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Maria said...

God. They are so funny at that age. I was listening to an audio tape the other day with Liv in the car and the speaker mentioned the polio scare in the U.S.A in the 1950's.

Liv, who thinks she has any illness that is spoken of, immediately asked me about polio. I assured her that she had been vaccinated and not to worry.

She was quiet for a moment and then said, "Well, just how many years before it wears off and what if I go through the vaccine before I die?"

Once, she read something about lead poisoning and was afraid of pencils even after I told her that they no longer contained lead.

I'm glad that your dumpling was okay....:)


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