Thursday, 7 June 2007


Baby Toms little brother arrived this morning safe and sound, 7 lbs 3 oz, yet to be named. We have yet to see what he looks like, we missed visiting hours by a few minutes and were spoken to very rudely by a member of the hospital staff who snatched the present and card off us to take to them without even asking who we were! Toms dad realised it was from us and came out to say thankyou, he looked very happy and relaxed! I will try and pop in tomorrow, I just want a glimpse of my new work load!


Am in the process of trying to get through to my children that the reason I'm tired, grumpy and dont have time for them is because they create an enormous amount of mess, dont do what they are told, defy me and bicker with each other. The only time they behave and get their chores done is if I get incredibly angry and then they do it out of fear, usually with a wobbling bottom lip. I'm not going to go to much into this and my blood pressure rises and I feel close to tears but life in this house is not very happy-go-lucky at the moment.

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Maria said... too. Let's go meet for a drink and let the suckers clean up their pigsty, yes?


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