Sunday, 10 June 2007

Migraine ruined yesterday. We went to a folk festival that's has become far too popular for the small town in which its held. The heat, noise and people soon got too much for my head. I took my prescription painkillers but my stomach had already gone into shutdown mode and they had no effect. They did however all kick in at once when I got home and I passed out on the sofa, heavily sedated, woke at 10 pm to find Lolly had cooked a simple tea and they had both gone to bed. Good kids really despite how I felt about them yesterday. As I've said before they pick on my mood and instead of realising that my fuse is very short when I have a pounding head they play up, dumpling especially. The whining reached an unprecedented level yesterday and I was ready to snap. Days out have become very difficult as the gender difference and age gap is so obvious now. Lolly moons around not enjoying anything Dumpling likes, he picks up on her mood and I feel like a failure because no one is enjoying themselves. We are caught in a trap of bad moods and a really tight budget isn't helping. I'm one step off depression at the moment. Solokiwimum tagged me for reasons why I love myself and I cant think of a damn thing to write! At least I recognise the warning signs and am hoping this will pass.

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Maria said...

Ah. I am already dealing with Liv lunking around wailing that she is bored.

This irritates the hell out of me as I swear I spend more time trying to figure out ways to keep her entertained than my mother ever did for me. In fact, if I DARED to say that I was bored as a child, my mother instantly handed me a bowl of beans to snap or took me to a closet to clean.

Summertime is a lazy, wonderful time...but it can also be nerve wracking.


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