Monday, 9 April 2007

Friends like these...

Do you have friends who you are not sure why they keep in contact with you or why you reply when they do? A girl I've known for since school and is also the sister of a friends best friend, rings and texts me often, we arrange a get together, I find her exhausting and arguementative and vow to tell her I'm busy next time she calls. She has recently had her first baby, I'm not going to even go there on how much she is making a rod for her own back, but anyway she texts me and asks if I would like to come to the babys christening in June, what the heck I think, a chance to buy baby a nice present, wear pretty clothes and see a few people I havnt seen in a while,

"Great" I text back "What date in June?"

"Why?" she texts back "Are you busy or something?"

Umm yeh actually, I have 3 family birthdays that month and my friends baby is due!

I text this back to her, sure its a busy month but we'd love to come, sure we can work around the dates? text comes back

"Well dont feel you have to come"

Why exactly did she text me in the first place? She always reacts like this, like she is doing me a favour by requesting my presense but is always deeply offended when I have plans or cant make it!


Maria said...

Ugh. You are describing my sister.....

We just say, "yes, ma'am" alot. :)

Dave said...

Just came to your blog via someone else's... I know what you mean regarding friends like these. With people like these, who needs friends!


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