Monday, 16 April 2007

3 things

Maria tagged me for this a few days ago and just remembered! ok...

3 things that scare me
Spiders, the really big house spiders, bleaghhhh!
Deep water or fast flowing water
My kids being any where near anything at all dangerous (Just call me helicopter mum)

3 people who make me laugh
My son when he is laughing, we took him to see 'Bill and Ben' at the theatre once and he laughed so hard that the audience turned round to look at him!
Alan Davies, a british comedian who I may or may not have a slight crush on...
Billy Conelly when he talks about kids, the sketch about how kids sleep make me cry with laughter

3 Things I have
Have? A bikini line that needs doing? All my bedding freshly washed on the line (see previous post re;friday night, ahem)backache from sitting at the pc for too long?

3 things I love
My kids
Sleeping in the afternoon
waking up saturday thinking its a school day and its not!

3 things I hate
Only 3? umm, people who let their dog poo on the pavement, makes me mad, when I had a dog, even if I ran out of bags, I would drag him to the gutter so at least it wasn't where children walked
People who spit
People who make judgement or gossip just to be nasty

3 things I don't understand
Why kids behave the way they do sometimes!
Why 'dint' is the first option on blogger spellcheck when I spell don't without punctuation?
Why I have so many odd socks, where are the others?

3 things on my desk
Rescue remedy(empty)
A lipstick that doesn't suit me but was expensive so wont throw way
My camera

3 things to do before I die
Fluently speak another language
Have a passionate affair with someone whose language i cant speak
Marry Daniel Craig

3 things I can do
Roller skate really well! i love it, I take the kids to the park where they have a big cycle track, every looks at me like I'm another mum who will wobble round after their kids and then elbow each other when they see me wizz off, do a few tricks and then skate really fast - backwards!
Help 130 people run up a £3000 bar bill ( again see friday...)
Do lots of internet things that impress other people, I embedded 3 vidoes from friday night in a website just for them. (you do not want the url, it was karaoke, your ears will bleed)

3 things I cant do
Bake cakes, it just never works
stop biting my nails
Keep up an exercise plan for more than 2 days

3 things to listen to
Your babys heartbeat before birth, I loved that
Your kids when they are quiet, they are either upset or do something they shouldnt
That teacher you hated, he/she may have been right and thats why you hated it!

3 things not to listen to
Anyone who begins the sentence with "I'm not being funny but"
Anything my son says that begins with "My friend Lewis says..."
Anything David Gest utters, why is that prat over here?

3 things to learn
to swim
to cook
to be happy of your own accord and not think anyone else is responsible

3 favourite foods

3 regrets
None, I refuse to regret anything, theres no point

that was fun I enjoyed that! I wont tag anyone unless they want to be, apply within


Terroni said...

Maybe I could teach you to swim and you could teach me to roller skate :)

Maria said...

I'm so glad that you thought it was fun. I admit that I really dislike memes and usually cop out with humor so that no one will know what I am really like.

And how stupid is that, considering that memes are all about people learning about you.

See? I already know that you are a kick ass skater chick who can't bake a cake, should probably not try a career in singing, but that you love your kids and got misty when you heard their heartbeats for the first time.


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