Saturday, 28 April 2007

guess who has been in touch? and guess who isnt as bothered now he wants to see me..! What am I like, I only want what I think I cant have!


Maria said...

It's always the way it goes...but hey, maybe you can keep him around for some easygoing, no strings fun. It is always good to have someone who you can just hang with and the deed with...and not have to worry about a big emotional connection.

I know that sounds heartless, but I always liked the no strings relationships best. Well...until I decided to find a lid for my pot...

MaryP said...

Sounds like he's doing much the same thing. You text him saying, "It was nice, but it's over, see you around, maybe", and suddenly, there he is, back again!

When you're interested, he's unavailable. When it seems like you're bailing, he's interested. Contrary, but not unusual...

So, if you're somewhat aloof and give the impression of being just a little uninterested, looks like you can have all the sleepless nights you want.


Assuming that's how you want to proceed, o'course.

Terroni said...

I'm with those two. I vote for sleepless nights with no strings attached.


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