Friday, 13 April 2007

Is anyone lurking?

I forgot about my new counter, checked it today and it read 107! Now discounting when I log on myself to link my other fave blogs to read and discounting those bloggers who log on to read my blog (thankyou! (blush) I'm so flattered that anyone actually reads my posts!) may mean that there are people who read this, maybe be linking from my comments on other blogs? If you are reading this, please leave me a comment, whether you have a blog or not, I was a reader for years before I ever even thought of writing my own and even then it took me six months to actually pluck up the courage to do it!


Maria said...

I'm not a lurker....but yeah, those counters can be startling, yes?

It kind of makes you feel onstage, doesn't it? I always check to see where they came from and that can be really weird as well....

Kate said...

Boo, just thought I would poke my head out of the wood work at your request and say hi. Feel free to pop over for a coffee and a hello too, been reading for a little while although holidays got the better of me and have only just got back to reading again. Keep it up, hugs from K,BG and Jboo

Terroni said...

Yeah, someone from Desert Hot Springs reads my blog every day, and I can't figure out who the hell that is. I don't think he or she has ever commented.

I often visit other people's blogs multiple times in a day--stop in for a peak during short study breaks or use their blogs to visit people on their blogrolls.

I wonder if I look like a stalker with the multiple visits.

MaryP said...

Hello, it's me! A lot of those people are using the "next blog" button at the top, and dropping in randomly. Another gizmo to get, though, is a Technorati account, which will tell you who's been, who's linked to you, and what searches were used to find you. It can all be interesting, so long as you don't get obsessive about it!

Bahrageous said...

Um. Yeah. I lurk. Sorry 'bout that.

And thank you for linking to me. THAT is flattery.



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