Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Having seven rabbits and a guinea pig requires daily work, water bottles filled, fresh and dry food, taking them out to the runs in the garden, and cleaning them out, most rabbits will only 'go' in one place so if you put a little tray in that place its easy to clean them out everyday, you just tip it into a bag and dispose of! But once every month or so we clean them out completely, pull the cages out and clean underneath, really go to town on it, especialy when the weather turns warmer and they can be a little smelly! Trouble is that I can tolerate rabbits and sawdust with my allergies as long as I take my tablet and wear a dust mask but today was something else, everyone is cutting their grass too, even the park near us so I can barely see or breathe for allergens! I have taken the stronger drowsy type of antihistameine and am now having trouble staying awake, I would pay good money to just be allowed to lie on my garden chair and snooze till dinner time...!

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Maria said...

You know...we have been discussing pets around our house. Liv wants a dog (our last one died about a year ago) but I am already knee deep in two beta fish, a hermit crab, a lizard and a parrot.

That parrot is a freak. He was Orna's and misses her so he literally throws his shit at us when we pass by his cage. I tell myself that once he feels more comfy, he will loosen up and play nice.

Or it could get worse.


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