Friday, 6 April 2007

Our day in pictures (too damn tired to write...zzzz)

Us at the bus station

Woodland walk

Little tractors!

"Mum, can I take this one home?"

I want one of these to take dumpling to school on!

Ice cream!

Tractor ride with Nana

Dumpling and a pony

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Maria said...

What a DAY!!!

Wow. I'm amazed that you are still able to post! :)

And I TOTALLY relate. Yesterday was Liv's last day of Spring Break and we met a friend and her two kids at Chuck E Cheese. I honestly thought I was going to lose it a couple of times. My friend had a coupon for free tokens (the ONLY reason we went) and the kids amassed about 3000 tickets. All they got to show for it was a couple of tinny harmonicas and some rubber spiders.

I was too tired to do anything last night, made Bing take us all out to dinner where I slurped down an apple martini. (BAD MOTHER! BAD MOTHER!!)

It looks as if you had a much more interesting day than sharing it with the cheezy man., you all are SO good looking!


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