Thursday, 19 April 2007

Isn't it funny the things you take for granted, you only realise how wonderful they are when they stop working! I rent this house so luckily its the landlord who has to sort the boiler when it grinds to a halt yet again and bless him, he is a very good and responsible landlord and gets to it straight away. trouble is the plumbers seem to think that even thought the shower became stone cold the same time as the hot water stopped, the two might not be connected...? Yes its an electric shower, I told them, you fitted it, brand new a few months ago, so it should be under warranty? They saw I will have to take it up with the manufacturers, no I say, you fitted it, the contract is with you, (I will ring trading standards in a moment and double check this!)So they are coming out tomorrow morning as may or may the telephone engineer as my phone only rings half a ring and then cuts out at the moment, the guy came out on Good Friday (he didn't even know it was Good Friday?) and declared that a new line would have to be put in and that it would be on Friday 21st? Friday isn't the 21st, so I've put him on the calendar as Friday 20th and Saturday 21st, lets wait and see shall we?

Weather is still amazing here, don't know whats going on, have never walked kids to school in April wearing t-shirt, shorts and sandals! Everything is blooming in the garden, next door has a lovely blossom tree in their front garden from which the smell drifts through my open bedroom window every morning. I love having the windows open although it does have its draw backs in the spring, we have lots of foxes and hedgehogs in the area and they make one hell of a racket when mating, I lay awake long past midnight the night before last just wishing one of them would fake it....


Terroni said...

I love the idea of a fox "faking it." :>

Maria said...

Oh...god that remark about about wishing that they would fake it was SIMPLY SUBLIME!

And I know where you are coming from. Our house is a fixer upper and unfortunately we hold the mortgage, so...when anything breaks, it's us who pays.

I remember the fridge going out and it was frustrating. I didn't realize how I depend on cold milk in the morning.

One of the pipes in our shower was leaking last year and we had so little water pressure that taking a shower was like standing under a baby sprinkler.

It's always something, yes?

Bahrageous said...

I heard the weather over there was great right now. I hope you're enjoying it....we've got crap weather here. I think somebody switched our climates.


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