Friday, 20 April 2007

I know I've said it before, I'm happy have a clean house but I doubt it will ever be tidy, I have alot of things 'out' because if I put them away, I forget I have them and they dont get used. I am a dreadful horder, I always keep things just in case, although occasionally I go mad and throw everything out, but sentimentality always keeps me from going completely minimalist!

Anyway, the plumber had to come out today to fix a number of things, the shower in the lodgers flat leaked again, the damn thing has been resealed so many times but everyfew weeks I hear a trickle of water as I sit watching tv..., my shower wasnt working at all, a tap was dripping, you get the idea. BTW, what do you do when a workman turns up at your house at 9.30am and smells of that sweet smell of spirits? Actually he didnt appear drunk at all and did a good job from what I can see, I guess it was a hangover, but I couldnt quite bring myself to ask if he was drunk and capable of fixing my shower...?

The telephone engineer was booked for this morning too, my phone has been giving one ring and then cutting out, it did it just before he arrived when my mum rang and you just know what happened when he tried it? It rang and rang and rang, drove me crazy, it wouldnt do the fault, in the end he checked all the wiring and figured what was wrong and fixed it but I still wish it would have given him half a ring! He did tell me a funny story though, the cable company in our area is always trying to get anyone to sign up even a 92 year old man who was deaf and blind, they conned him into signing the contract and a few days later the team turn up to install it all, the company had recently been bought out by another company and were in the process of changing the signage on the vans and on their uniform, so in the interim they were driving plain white vans and wearing polo shirts and cargos. Anyway they turn up at this 92 year old mans house and before they could even start, they are wrestled to the ground by the police and police dogs, police helicopter overhead! The lady opposite thought they had come to rob the old guy and had rung the police! They had to lay handcuffed on the driveway until their boss could arrive on the scene and assure the police that they were bonafide engineers and were booked to do the job! (the old guy had been conned into the contract but the engineers didnt know this at the time)

Anyway my point was that you think your home is ok on the cleanliness front until someone starts poking around it, I was so embarrassed by how much stuff I had to keep moving to let him get to various telephone points and the dust that flew up was just mortifying!

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Bahrageous said...

Pfft. Always remember...they've seen much worse. ;-)


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