Friday, 6 April 2007


The kids have discovered I talk about them in my blog and don't like being known as J and C, they would like to hereby be known as Dumpling(J, 5 year old) and Lolly(12 year old)

Now I'm not one of those mums who can just grab the keys and purse and leave the house, especially if it's an official 'Day Out', a bank holiday one too, so we need supplies, now we will buy some food there but we still need snacks for the journey and maybe some for the way home, trust me, you don't want dumpling to be tired and have low blood sugar level on a two stage bus ride home! So, I've packed sandwiches, feel bad that I forgot to buy anything to put in them, so they are just bread and butter, I cut the crusts off too, sounds silly but they never eat their crusts and I don't make them so they eat more of the sandwich if its just the soft stuff rather than taking one bite out of the sandwich and leaving the rest! Have also packed juice, coke, apples, these will need peeling too, have wrapped a small sharp knife in a tea towel and secured it in the velcro drinks section of one of the lunch boxes, does that count as carrying a concealed weapon?!?!? Anyway suffice to say we shall keep blood sugar levels up all day, but that's only half what I have packed, spare clothes for dumpling, he will need them without fail, if theres something dirty to fall in, he'll be there, and then of course the first aid kit, plasters, cream, wipey things of different variety, a spray thing for bites, painkillers and antihistamines, anything we've forgotten?


Maria said...

My god, I wish you lived at my house. Because...I forget EVERYTHING. I consistently forget to bring sunscreen when we go to the pool in the summer.

And nutritious snacks as well. I have been known to throw ten oreos in a bag on our trips to the park.

Maybe I should just ship Liv off to you. She'd be in better hands, I think. :)

And is Nana your Mum? She looks as if she smiles easily and often. I like being around those types...

Terroni said...

Oh my goodness!

I don't even own half of that stuff. Do kids come with all that stuff, or do you have to purchase it separately? :)


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