Thursday, 5 April 2007


My mum kept our toilet very clean when I was a child and my dad and then my stepdad were well trained and put the seat down after them, so it wasnt till I moved out and had a place of my own that I ever needed to clean a toilet. In my first flat, I dutifully bleached around the bowl and gave it a good scrub but still felt it was a little wiffy, couldnt figure out why till I lifted the seat, arrgghhh! How does that get there? considering the position of umm each person, how can the underside of the seat get so dirty?

Have just cleaned both toilets from top to bottom, scrubbed my hands with antibac soap and given up bitng my nails....

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Maria said...

I KNOW. When we moved in to our house (it was a very old fixxer upper), I almost didn't buy it because the toilets all had rings and I KNEW who would be cleaning those up.


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