Monday, 30 April 2007

Short ramblings...

ok according to google analytics, only people in the USA and Canada are reading me, where did my UK, Europe and the rest of the world go, they were there as little yellow balls a few days ago? And what is Bloglines and why are a big percentage coming to me via them? Still learning...
Jon texted last night asking again what I would like to do on Saturday night so I told him he can take me out for dinner and then drinks, he agreed and said he was looking forward to seeing me! I guess this is one of those times that I have to be disinterested to keep him interested!
Lolly threw a fit this morning, trying to convince me that he knee was hurting so much that she couldn't possibly put any weight on it and simply must stay home from school, nothing to do with falling out with my sister and having a french oral exam this morning then...? Tough love I'm afraid, put her on the next bus and rang the school to expect her in 10 minutes late, she'll thank me one day.
Opened a letter from the home insurance people this morning to find I missed a payment, ok fine, I have 10 days to pay it, ok fine, except that the letter was sent 10 days ago and its only just arrived so the deadline is today! Rang them and told them I'll pay it first thing in the morning when I go to the post office, no problem they said, whenever, whenever? don't send me a threatening letter if you don't mind when it has to be paid by, oh I'm not in the mood for these people....
Had a glorious afternoon at the park yesterday
but headache from squinting in the sun started by late afternoon and turned into a migraine by early evening, took all the painkillers I could and slept so deeply that I was confused when I woke this morning, still have a residual headache and my shoulders hurt but I never get through a period without a migraine.


Biby Cletus said...

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Warm Regards

Biby Cletus - Blog

MaryP said...

Bloglines. If you get yourself a bloglines account, you can list all the blogs you like to read and then Bloglines tells you when they have a new post up. Thus you only need to go to people who have something new up.

I'm one of your bloglines hits.

It works well for me, the subscriber, but not so well for you, the recipient of the hits! I always like to know where people are coming from, and Blogline hits to my own blog annoy me because I can't tell who they are. Yes, I feel this way even though I do it to my favourite blogs all the time!

So you have another date with Jon. Mildly interested disinterest seems to be the way to go, then. Men!

Maria said...

Ugh. I used to have terrible migraines until I turned 35 and then they magically went away. I don't even get headaches anymore!

But, I remember them clearly. And yeah, sleep was the only thing that helped.


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