Thursday, 12 April 2007

Red to Brown

My hair colour has always been something to be questioned, my mum has brown hair, my dads is a dark red, his dads hair was black and his mums very red, so I'm something in the middle, a photo of me as a toddler shows be with really copper hair but as a child in was more brown with strange fake looking but real blonde highlights in the fringe after we lived abroad for a year.

Like Anne Glamore over at My Tiny Kingdom I love to colour my hair! I systematically ruined every bathroom of every house I lived in, the stuff gives great shine to your hair but ruins grouting! Its been dark brown, bright red, strawberry blond, that was my favourite but the upkeep was hard and my eyebrows gave the game away. I prefer the red shades, I think it suits my colouring but I get more compliments when it is brown, even though I think it makes me look pale.

But more than the actual colour I love the way my hair feels and behaves when it has been coloured, its shinier and does what I intend when I blow dry it. So I sit here with a head full of chemicals, dumpling has gone downstairs in disgust, he hates the smell, I have a pair of old plastic glasses on as my current ones are metal framed. I'm going out tomorrow night, friends have invited me to a works do, buffet, quiz and karaoke apparently, she works for a fitness company and they are very big on socialising, lots of hunky fitness instructors I hope! So I need shiny, bouncy 'I'm worth it hair'! It had better be worth the plastic gloves, the dirty sink and the aching neck I will have after the 20 minutes it will take to wash this out! Will let you know the results...

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Maria said...

I used to dye my hair, but not anymore. I used to be so vain of my auburn locks.....

Now, I am a lazy ass. I settle for clean.


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