Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Not retiring yet....

Was feeling quite good this morning till I opened my mail, a letter from BUPA (private medical people in the uk)addressed correctly to me, inviting me to inquire about their pensioner care homes! The leaflet might be 'useful in helping you begin to consider the possibility of needing care'

I'm 32!!!


Terroni said...

That's just about as cruel as non-bill mail gets!

MaryP said...

Friend of mine once got a notice informing her of her death, and requesting that the appropriate paperwork be filed so as to issue the Certificate of Death...

And she was to do that how, exactly, being dead?

Seems bureaucracies are the same the world over!

Maria said...

I once got a letter from the depends people offering me free samples.

How the hell did THEY find out?

Damn you to hell, big brother!!!


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