Friday, 27 April 2007

Showers working well but the landlord will be charged for the repair as its limescale and thats not covered, great! And if we dont spend £500 on a water softener for the mains water supply its just going to happen over and over again. But its nice to have the shower back on again, so much quicker, less to clean up after and uses far less water than baths so eases my enviromental conscience!
Still no word from Jon, I'm not going to get in contact with him, I'd rather this just faded out that directly be turned down. Still going to turn him down if he wants to come round, if anyone asks I'm out all weekend on a whirlwind of parties and late nights ok?
I've been really fed up with my tummy recently, the rest of me is slimmish and although I'm no where near the weight I used to be before Dumpling, I am happy with everything apart the paunch! I read that the best way to get a trim tum is too just hold it in constantly, not only does it look slim while you're doing this, it also works the muscles! So far so good, been 3 days now, have had to learn how to breathe while doing it but it does improve your posture as well and I need all the help I can get there, have 'buggy pushing' posture!
The pain between my shoulder blades just got too much today so rang the doc and he prescribed some strong painkillers, feeling very happppppy now, but my pupils look like little black dots, not sure I'm safe to drive a pushchair...!


Maria said...

God, I am just so impressed that you can walk around holding your gut in like that....

I am far too lazy.

And, hey..guys can be stupid (well, that is what I'm told anyway), so don't give up on Jon. He may just be the relaxed type.

I'm also impressed that you can just ring a doctor and they send you pain meds. Here in the states, they seem to always want you to come in and show that you can barely move....

MaryP said...

I try to remember the posture, but as soon as my attention is diverted - say, 18 seconds after I straighten up - everything goes 'flump' again. My posture's not bad, really, but the tummy? Cannot remember to keep that thing in. And sit-ups? I do 'em, but, ugh...

Who knows what's going on in Jon's head? Certainly not you, since he's NOT SAYING. (Sheesh. Men.) He may have turned out to be an ass, he may just be taking his time. No way to know, yet. Either way, your strategy of backing right off is a good one.

My doctor won't prescribe anything, even a repeat for a medication I've been on for years, without seeing me. I understand the rationale, but it's a damned nuisance!


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